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Giant Baby

Giant Baby or G.B. likes to poop in the bathtub.  I never had a “poop problem” with C so I am unsure of how to deal with it now.   

C and G.B. take baths together every night after dinner, it’s part of our “bed time routine”.  Apparently pooping is also a part of Giant Baby’s bed time routine.  Everyone in the house is completely disgusted by G.B.’s addition to the routine except for G.B. of course.  C is especially upset by this new habit of Giant Baby’s as it has turned one of his favorite past times into a nightmarish ordeal.  Poor C.  If I leave the boys alone in the tub long enough to grab p.j.s and a diaper there will be an incident.  C will inevitably yell, “Mom!  Giant Baby pooped a poop snake in the bath tub!” or “Mom!  Giant Baby pooped some marbles!”  I never want to hear those words come out of C’s mouth again.  God help me find a solution to this problem!  When I got pregnant with G.B. I never thought that I would have to clean poop out of a bath tub so many times!  I went through a bottle of bleach in a span of 2 weeks!  

Last week G.B. pooped in the tub a total of 3 nights in a row!  That is just unacceptable!  One night my husband changed a poopy diaper of G.B.’s right before bath time and he still pooped in the tub!  There has got to be a solution to this horrifying problem.  Giant Baby doesn’t seem to mind it though.  He seems almost pleased with himself, like it’s some sort of accomplishment to successfully poop in the bathtub that many times.  After an incident I have been known to ask an obvious question like:  “G.B., did you poop in the tub?”  His standard response is “Da.”  G.B. thinks he is Russian; “da” means “yes or yeah”. 

G.B. is fascinated with all things “gross” or “dirty”.  Maybe that’s why he poops in the tub.  Unfortunately the nastiness doesn’t end there.  Oh no, Giant Baby takes it a step farther.  I wonder if he will always be an habitual line crosser” like his mom.  I hope not.  Last weekend G.B. touched his poop!  I almost cried when I saw him pick it up.  Before I could even react to the situation he already had it smeared behind his freshly washed ear and in his neck creases.  I was mortified.  Not only did I have to rescue C from the contaminated water but I had to drain it and re-wash G.B.  I know Giant Baby loves to take baths, he always gets upset when they end, but this is no way to prolong them.  After scrubbing the poop off of G.B. I took him out of the tub and dressed him.  Unfortunately he STILL smelled like poop!  So I used almost half of a box of wet wipes in an attempt to rid him of the stench; it didn’t work!  Finally I found a solution!  Anointing oil!  Hallelujah, thank the Lord.  I rubbed so much anointing oil on Giant Baby’s face and neck he looked like a greased pig.  But at least he didn’t smell like one! 

This past Wednesday I had to take C to the doctor because he got croup.  While we were waiting for Dr. R. to write out a prescription C told him, “My baby brother likes to poop in the bath AND bite me on the butt.”  Dr. R. stopped writing and smiled up at me as if to say, “Interesting…”.  The way C so candidly told his doctor about his brother’s unflattering habits made me giggle.  Wow, thank you C for reminding me of the humor in every situation.  While the poop problem is disgusting and the images tend to “haunt me” it is really not the end of the world.  Some day this little problem of ours will eventually go away.  Until then, I will laugh at our bout of “bad luck” and remember that I am blessed to have 2 healthy, precious, baby boys.