Cultivating a Grateful Heart

“The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made,” Psalm 145:13.


You are revealing yourself to me!  You are confiding in me!  Thank you Lord for always being true.  For always being faithful!  You are bringing things to fruition and shaping me.  You are allowing me to see through love!  You are showing me the “why” of some of my darkest times in this life.  What I once prayed for you to take away I am now thanking you for leading me through.  I love you God!  I know you will continue to answer my prayers as always and I will continue to seek you and be watchful and expectant! 


Thank you for your wonderful provision!  You are blessing the work of our hands, Lord!  My family’s business is being blessed by you!  THANK YOU!!!!  Jobs have been landed and more are coming our way!  I BELIEVE!  I have FAITH!  You are loving to all you have made and you have made us.  You have provided and will continue to provide.  This “economic climate” means nothing to you.  You are ABOVE it!  We raise the name of Jesus above what we see, what we hear, above our checkbook.  You are our rod of victory, our banner!  You are our Jehovah Nissi!  YOU ARE OUR VICTORY!!!  Praise be to your holy name forever and ever!  Amen!


Thank you Lord for having mercy on me and for loving me through my failures and bad decisions.  You don’t judge me harshly or punish me without grace.  You are a loving father and for that I am so grateful.  Today you helped me out of a pickle with my finances as you have so many times in the past.  I still need so much help in this area Lord.  I need your guidance and discipline.  I need your mercy and loving kindness.  I want to continue to grow in this area of my life and not allow it to bring ruin or shame any longer.  The enemy has no hold over me in this area; I am fully yours, God!  In every area of my life you are in control and I give it all to you.  Thank you for always sticking by me even when I don’t deserve it.  You are amazing and I will glorify your name forever. ♥

July 2011:

Thank you Lord for my new car!  I sowed a seed and you returned 10 fold! 


God you are awesome!  You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!  Thank you for moving in Bob.  Thank you that he has decided to stop ALL treatments!  From now on YOU and YOUR mighty word are the only medicine Bob will take and it is all he needs!  You healed Bob of cancer once and you will heal him again.  Thank you God that his faith will rise up and he will operate out of the mind of Christ.  The word of doctors will mean nothing to him because let every man be a liar; you are the TRUTH!  You call Bob healed therefore he is.  We believe he has been healed of cancer and that death has been defeated.  We thank you for Bob’s complete healing and for your strength and love throughout this mess.  Continue to hold Bob up and speak to him.  Continue to grow his faith and draw him near to you.  Love him and protect him.  Strengthen him and renew him Lord.  He is covered in the blood of the lamb and the destroyer shall pass over once again!!!  We will continue to wait for you Lord; do not delay!  We are in awe of your goodness and your everlasting faithfulness.  Our hope and trust are in you and we will NEVER be shaken God!  Continue to send my family word of your unfailing love for in you we put our trust and to you we lift up our souls; show us the way we should go.  We want to walk in the truth.  Amen!


Thank You, O merciful Father.  Thank You for Bob’s healing manifestation.  Thank You for showing us with our eyes what we knew with our spirits.  Thank You for good test results!  Thank you for Bob being healed of cancer once again!!!!!  I will praise You, Lord at all times.  I will constantly speak Your praises.  I will boast only in You, Lord.  I will exalt Your holy name, God!  I will meditate on Your wonderful works.  You have put a new song in my mouth; a song of praise to You, God!!!  You are my joy.  You alone are God!  I love you!  I stand in awe of You!  I will worship You with all that is within me, with all that I am for all of my days.  You are the great I am.  You are the maker of Heaven and earth.  You are the God above all gods.  Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!!!

2 thoughts on “Cultivating a Grateful Heart

  1. Dear Lord thank for wherever i cry, u wipe my tears, wereva i fall u lift me up,wereva i call upon ur name u always answer me.
    Im so grateful for the awsome changes en blessings in my Life.

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