Broken Hearted

My heart is broken
Ripped to shreds
Words of comfort spoken
Can’t raise my spirits from the dead
The future is cloudy
Black as night
Life speeds on without me
I can’t find the light
Her face alludes me
Though her voice lives in my head
My grief it drowns me
So many words unsaid
I cry out to my Savior
Begging to be free
Why did He have to take her
I need her here with me

2 thoughts on “Broken Hearted

  1. Aim, you may very well carry this grief of your Gramdmother’s passing for the rest of your days!!!! My Mom died of cancer 18 yrs. ago. I still grieve and miss her! CRY IF IT’S WORTHWHILE my Grandmother (Gummy) always said, Hon, YOUR GRANDMOTHER WAS CERTAINLY WORTHWHILE!!!! God and family will get you back slowly to a place of tranquility. In the meantime, honor your Grandmother by telling everyone what a super, caring, unselfish, God-loving lady she was. Let your life become a testament to her!!!! With sorrow, but lots of love, Coach.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. She is beautiful, and will be missed greatly by you. Words of comfort will help, but God will help more. She is resting now. Know peace is there, when you are ready.

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