A Mother’s Prayer

Be strong in the Lord and,
Never give up hope
Put your trust fully in Him
Walk by faith and step out of the boat
His hand is always reaching for you
He is never far
He knows every hair on your head
He named every star
His love for you no one can fathom
His mercies are always new
Grace and forgiveness are gifts, from the Lord to you
God says that you will do great things and,
In His image you will grow
He has His hand upon you,
So don’t give in to fear
He covers you with His feathers,
He always draws you near
Remember to always pray,
In all circumstances and every day
His love and faithfulness will never leave you,
He will always light your way
God’s word is living and active,
Its powerful and true
It always accomplishes what it was sent to do
God’s word is your weapon, your shelter, your guide
Hide it in your heart; in Him you will abide
In Christ you have victory, the battle has been won
My prayer is that you spend your days living for God the father, God the spirit, and God the son

7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prayer

      • Aimie, would you mind if I print this poem and hang it in my house? My family will love it too! Also, since I’m here, I wanted to ask you if you are familiar with the http://www.InspriedToAction.com website? They are beginning a new summer morning challenge soon and partnering with the http://www.DoNotDepart.org “Love like Him” bible study to also begin on May 14. I belong to a FaceBook group where we participate in the challenges and then post prayer requests, encouragement, thoughts, etc. I’d like to invite you to join if you don’t already belong to another group. Check out the websites, and let me know if you’re interested so I can send you the FB invite. (By the way, I hope I got the web addresses right above…the dot com, or dot org…I forget) … Blessings! đŸ™‚

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  2. Aimie,
    Thank you so much for the poem! I love it! Also, I am SO sorry that I flaked out on you with the FB invite. My family actually got very sick with the stomach flu that lasted about a week, and somehow this past week went by without my accomplishing much at all.  None the less, I am embarrassed! I am 4 days behind on the bible study I told you about. Did you ever check out the link I sent? I’m also suppossed to be doing a study on Proverbs 31 with http://www.Womenlivingwell.com, but also behind on that! Go figure. I just need your Facebook name/address to send you the invite to join our MYM group. Just email it to me, please!
    Thank you!

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