My Heart Feels Like it Could Burst

All I can do is praise God today.  All I can do is thank Him for His faithfulness and mercy.  He is so worthy of my praise every single day but ESPECIALLY today.  The time has finally come.  I am still in shock.  Just yesterday I was reminding myself that God is our Jehovah Nissi (God our banner).  He is continually revealing Himself to us.  He is our focal point in battle.  He is our encourager.  I reminded myself and those around me that we just had to keep our eyes super glued on God and our circumstances would fall away.  I read Exodus 17 and encouraged myself through the story of Moses and the Israelites defeating the Amalekites.  I told God that my family and I are like Moses; we will keep our hands lifted to His throne in praise until our victory comes.  Jesus is our banner and we lift the cross high above every circumstance; above cancer!  Every name must bow to the name above all names!  My family and I are overcomers in Christ and we WILL overcome!  Yesterday I was gearing myself up for the battle to come.  I was strengthening myself in the Lord.  Even this morning I was begging God for mercy and praising Him for His goodness even in the midst of this war with cancer.  But now I am praising Him for His deliverance.  I am praising His holy name because Bob is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!  My God has come through!!!!  He did not delay!!!  The enemy has been defeated!  Death has no sting!  I am lifting my voice in victory!!!  I am shouting to God with a voice of praise and triumph!!!  Today is the BEST day and all the glory and honor goes to God!!!!  I can’t wait to see Connor and Blake’s smiles when G-Bob tells them that he isn’t sick any more.  I think its a Dairy Queen kind of night!  Thank you God!  Thank you not only for Bob’s healing but for strengthening our faith in You.  Thank you for cultivating the fruit of Your spirit within us.  Thank You for letting Your light shine brighter through us.  Thank You for the lives that we have been able to touch and those that we will touch because of this testimony You have given us.  Thank You that my children will get to see the awesome power of prayer and faith and the awesome works of their wonderful God.  You are amazing!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This victory is just what my family needed.  This boost in moral will help us ride out the end of grandma’s battle with cancer.  I am so excited for the day that we get good news from her docs.  I can’t wait to hear the words that she too is cancer free.  But until then I will scream my praises to God and tearfully thank Him for Bob’s healing.  I will continue to keep my eyes on Him and my hands lifted to His glorious throne in praise.  I know grandma’s healing is right around the corner.  My God is merciful and just.  He is faithful and true.  He loves my grandma just as much as He loves Bob.  Her healing is on its way!  WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Glory to God in the highest!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “My Heart Feels Like it Could Burst

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