We Will Follow

My family is still being separated. Even though C is well enough to go to school his cough is not gone yet. I’m still getting over a cold and so is Blake. Since Bob has no immune system right now we still have to stay away from my parents. This is hard on all of us. We are used to being together all the time and it’s been a couple weeks now since we have seen each other. I want to be of more help to my mom right now. She needs me. I feel helpless and I know she is feeling alone. Even though things seem to be going wrong this must be part of Your plan, Lord. Our failed plans highlight our dependence on You; we can’t depend on anyone but You, God. We will continue to trust You in this storm and look to the blessings ahead. Hold our hands as You guide us through the unknown. Light our way and steady our feet. We won’t make it without You.

God, you are weaning us from all other dependencies. Our security rests in You alone. Not in other people, not in circumstances. We depend only on You. Even though we feel like we are free falling into the unknown our faith tells us that Your everlasting arms are underneath us, holding us up. Though we don’t know the path You have chosen for us, Your word lights the way. While we cannot understand why we must go through these trials we know that Your ways are higher than our ways and Your thoughts are higher than our thoughts. You have Your reasons for allowing us to feel pain. Our suffering is not in vain. You are working everything for good because we love You and have been called according to Your purpose. You have good plans for us, plans to prosper us, plans to give us hope and a future. Even though we may feel so alone we know that Your unfailing love surrounds us driving out all fear. We know that Your presence follows us wherever we go, comforting us and giving us peace that surpasses all understanding.

Lord, search us and know us. Our hearts and minds are set on You. Take our anxieties and leave us peace. Our trust is in You alone and we will not be shaken. You are our God and we are Your people. We will not be discouraged because You are with us and You will never leave us. We will not fear or be dismayed. You drive out our enemies before us! Goodbye cancer and sickness! Bob and grandma have been healed by the stripes of Jesus! You must flee! Bob and grandma are dead to sin and alive unto righteousness and no weapon formed against them will prosper!
We raise the cross high above the storms in our life and step out of the boat to meet our Glorious Savior! The swells may rise but we will not be overtaken! We will overcome by the blood of the lamb! God, You lead us to victory, it is our final destination! Whatever road You lead us down we will follow with unwavering faith and unshakable trust. We will faithfully speak Your praises and patiently endure our trials. We will be content in every situation that arises as we wait for You to deliver us. Because deliver us You will!!


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