Choosing Joy

Today was my babysitter’s 2nd day on the job and she called me 5 minutes AFTER she was supposed to be at my house to let me know that she couldn’t find her car keys.  She lives in Castle Rock (20 minutes away from me); so I decided to pack the boys up and take them to work with me.  I had no idea if it would take her another 5 or 50 minutes to find her keys and I couldn’t just wait around to find out.  I felt anger and disappointment rising up in me.  I started to doubt if she would be a long-term babysitter because this must mean she is unreliable.  My first reaction was not so pretty.  But then I took a step back and realized that getting upset over this situation would only cause me anxiety.  It would only ruin my morning.  There was nothing I could do about her lost keys.  So I chose a different approach to this hiccup.  I decided to look at the positive in the situation.  Because she would be late I would get to spend some extra time with my boys.  I am grateful for her mistake and so are C and B.  They love going to work with me so they can spend some time playing with Aunt P, Aunt Katie and Gram.  C even said, “Yay!  I’m glad we get to go to work with you!”  Even though I had to turn around 20 minutes after getting to work because I got a text that stated, “I found my keys” I didn’t mind wasting the gas.  Instead of focusing on the negative I chose to change my viewpoint and focus on the positive in the situation.  I chose joy and I got to appreciate the extra time I had with my babies this morning. 
I am thankful for inconveniences and last-minute changes.  Staying positive and going with the flow in situations like these can lead to unexpected blessings.  Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to receive this blessing and the strength to choose joy so that I wouldn’t miss it.

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