What is Faith?

Faith is…

A lifestyle

An outlook

It changes the way I perceive

It dictates my actions

It’s a filter for my words

Faith holds my thought life accountable, it must concur

Faith is personal, it is mine to keep

It is a tool, a weapon

A shelter for my soul

Living in faith makes me who I am

It makes me whole

Faith gives me freedom to hope, to trust, to believe

My heart & mind are one

They march to the same drum

Faith opens my eyes so that I can see

Not just what lies before me but what I wish to be

Faith can move a mountain

Turn water into wine

Faith is not worldly it is utterly divine

With faith I persevere in battle

I carry on in spite of pain

It connects me with my Heavenly Father

It lets me step into the realm in which He reigns

I fill up it with living water

I feed it with the bread of His Word

In action it is living, it is practiced, it is used

Faith is a gift from my Father

It is free

It is mine to daily CHOOSE

Every trial I am faced with

The hell that I go through

Rids my faith of imperfection

Tried, tested, true

One thought on “What is Faith?

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