Hebrews 11:1

I feel the substance & see the evidence of the things that I have faith for.

God, let my faith be the channel through which abundant miracles flow!  I DEMAND miracles!  Where there is a demand there WILL be a supply in Jesus’ name.  I will continue to claim them until they fall upon my family & me like rain.  I will not stop until they are ours!!  The presence of the Lord is strong in my life & in my family in Jesus’ name.  LET THE MIRACLES FLOW, Lord!!!!  We will not limit you.  We will not doubt or waver.  We BELIEVE!  We are not double-minded.  We KNOW that what we have prayed for we shall receive in Jesus’ name. 

Cancer does NOT live in my grandma and it does NOT live in Bob.  Bob has FAITH that moves mountains.  Nick, Jordan & Billy will see the miraculous healings of Bob & grandma & know the truth.  They will know the good news of Christ & live out their faith because God’s word dwells in them richly squashing any and every lie of the enemy.  Superior Contractors is a blessed company & prosperity follows us!  God blesses the work of our hands & we will reap a harvest at this company in Jesus’ name!

I know that Your promise is true, Lord.  You are the TRUTH.  I will continue to follow You.  I will continue to speak Your word & praise Your holy name.  You are my victory.  You are my joy & strength.  You are my courage, my hope, my future.  I trust You to bring my family & me through to victory through Christ.  I love you.  Thank you for loving me.  Amen.

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