Happy 2nd Birthday to my Baby!



Happy birthday sweetheart!  Mommy, daddy & Connor love you very much!  I cannot begin to tell you how much love and happiness you have brought to this family.  You are so precious to me.  Please know that no matter what this life brings, you are loved and cherished unconditionally by your family and your God.  We are so thankful that God gave us you, Blake! 

Here’s a little birthday prayer:  “I pray that God would make you courageous, bold and strong.  That you would be blessed with godly wisdom in all areas of your life.  May God bestow upon you great blessings and peace all of your days.  May you be a mighty man of God and do great things for His Kingdom.  I pray that God would send you word of His unfailing love every single day of your life and that He would be near to you when you call on him.  May you have a hunger for Him and His word.  Know that He will never leave or forsake you.” 

God has given us such a blessing in you and we are forever grateful.  Always remember that He has amazing plans for you Blakers and he will NEVER leave you!  Keep your faith in Him and live according to His word.  His promises are true and He will come through for you ALWAYS.

You will always be mommy’s baby.  I LOVE YOU!!!



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