His Promise is True

The God that healed my grandma from AML (acute myelocytic leukemia) 4 years ago is the same God today.  I will not let the enemy scare me or upset me.  I will not cry out and ask God, “Where are you?”  I will remember God’s miracles of the past and thank Him because what He has done CANNOT be undone.  He already healed grandma already.  No one can take that away.  This fight has already been won.  Jesus paid the price.  I have faith in Him and in His healing power.  I will praise His name because my grandma is fearfully and wonderfully made and cancer CANNOT and will NOT live in her body.  Affliction shall not rise up again.  It is finished.  THE ENEMY, HAS TO LEAVE @ THE SOUND OF JESUS’ NAME!

I tell him to flee!  I have authority over him and his diseases, his schemes, his traps, his fear, death…all of the tools of the enemy WILL bow to the name of Jesus.  I will speak HIS great name over my grandma (and Bob) and watch the enemy flee.  I will draw near to God and let Him draw near to me.  Jesus is my family’s banner!  He is our victory.  We raise His name above cancer and death.  We raise His name above defeat and weariness.  We raise His name above unbelief and fear.  THEY WILL ALL BOW TO HIM!  In Him they all flee and we are left with peace that surpasses all understanding (even medical jargon & test results), we have strength to do ALL things (this fight is not ours, it is God’s & He will bring us through to victory in Christ), we have courage (in the face of our enemy we will not cower, we will stand tall & proclaim the word of God).  The truth of God (grandma is healthy) will prevail, His love will carry us through.  WE WILL WIN this battle again!  God promised and He NEVER breaks a promise!  We know this is true.  Our faith is strong.  We will speak and think and act in faith.  We will encourage each other and take up our positions on the battlefield once again.  We will get in the word (our only true weapon) and fight this thing.  Christ Jesus will bring us through to victory. 

So I will continue to put my hope in the Lord; His promise of healing is true.  My God will come through ALWAYS.

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