First let me preface this post with this:  I AM NOT A RUNNER!  I was just not built for running; I am a swimmer to my core.  I firmly believe that most swimmers (not all) are not graceful runners and most runners (again, not all) are not naturally gifted in swimming.  I am not an exception to this but lately I have taken up running (in the loosest sense of the word) and I actually enjoy it!

I find that it is a nice, FREE way to exercise.  It is also a wonderful stress reliever and great way to clear my head.  I have come to crave this alone time.  I can think clearly on my runs and everything around me is quiet and serene.  This time also gives me a chance to talk to God and marvel at his creation.  I feel so completely romanced and to put it simply: LOVED.

This past Sunday I did a quick morning run (about 2 miles, run/walk…I’m new to this) before my family woke up.  As I ran down Colorado toward Arapahoe I saw the slightest hint of purple peek up over a worn, weed-infested fence.  Staring me in the face was a bunch of bright purple flowers (I don’t know what kind, sorry!); they were beautiful!  I felt like that was God showing me a bit of his love; a spot of beauty in jumble of weeds & neglect.  It made me smile and I continued on my way.  When I hit the intersection of Colorado & Arapahoe the mountains came into view; they were breath-taking.  The way the clouds hung around the peaks, the way the light hit them at just the right angle made them look majestic; it is hard to describe how blessed I felt to be in that spot at that exact moment.  Again, God showed me his love.

As I quietly slid open my back door I heard my Blake yelling, “Mommy!  Mommy!”  I quietly made my way to his room so as not to disturb my other 2 boys who were currently having a “sleepover” in the living room.  Upon opening the door I was greeted with the sweetest, sleepy-eyed, sweaty-haired, rosy-cheeked smile; my heart almost burst.  I love my baby.  I picked him up from his crib along with his “bebe” (my “Linus Baby” doesn’t like to be parted from his blankie or “bebe” very often) and we headed for the back patio to watch the birds.  It was such a beautiful morning and the weather was perfect.  Just as we were getting comfy in our bird – watching chair Connor peeked out the back door and smiled sweetly at us.  My big boy was up; love him.  I ran back in the house and got C a blanket so he could join us on our bird-watching adventure.  The boys were so excited!  They each had their own chair and blanket and they got to watch the backyard come alive with birds, bugs, and the sounds of the early morning (it was only about 6:15 AM).  Every once in a while one of them (usually Connor) would yell, “Bat!” and we would all laugh because “bats only come out at night; that’s just a bird that looks like a bat.” 

My intended TAG (time alone with God), my thoughts and a latte turned into some much-needed quality time with my boys and one of the BEST mornings I have had this summer (and in a long time might I add).  The BEST morning only progressed from there.  We chased butterflies, ate cheesy-egg breakfast burritos, raced cars down our slide, “flew” on the swings, sang songs about superheros, transformed ourselves into rocket ships, hunted for “pollie pollies”, LAUGHED a lot, cuddled, and enjoyed each other. 

I will always treasure the time my boys and I spent alone together on that “BEST MORNING EVER” and thank God for every day I get to wake up to their smiling faces.

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