I’m A “Boy Mom” Through & Through…

Gun Fight

“Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid, one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory.” 

The Bug King & His Loyal Subjects

I live with three boys and am SURROUNDED with boy “stuff”; boy talk, boy movies, boy clothes, boy toys, boy habits, boy books, the list goes on.  These past 3 1/2 years (since Connor was born) I have grown accustomed to my life as a “boy mom”.  I help my boys build forts, capture “bad guys”, imitate their favorite super heroes, build car ramps, create towns out of legos, make bug habitats and referee fights.  I have learned to deal with “pee pee” infatuations, bodily excrement fascinations, and other strange obsessions.  My house has been ripped apart from top to bottom, transformed into other worlds, inhabited by strange creatures, and turned into a battle zone on a daily basis.  I have treated injuries, held hands and prayed during procedures, believed for miracles to be granted, comforted them without too much coddling,  and cheered at sports games (ok, only 1 so far but who’s counting?).  I have said things like, “Calm down; you’re tough.  You can do this.”, or “Woah!  Look at those muscles!  They’re huge!” more times than I can count.  I have 2 boys.  My oldest is 3 1/2 and my baby will be 2 in September.  It is not unusual to see rollie pollies sprinkled throughout my house (Connor is the self-proclaimed King of the Bugs & Blake has been dubbed the Bug Squasher), naked butts in the backyard (peeing outside is fun for boys!), or “throw downs” in the bathtub.  This is my life as a mother.  I have two sons and they are “all boy”.  There are no mani/pedis, baby dolls, princess parties or dance recitals in my world.  Oh no!  But this is the life God has blessed me with.  He has chosen my wonderful husband and me to mold these young boys into good men with his guidance and love.  We have been given an awesome responsibility and we do not take it lightly. 

Bath Brawl

Men and women, fathers and mothers have been paired together and hand-picked for their parenting duties by an all-knowing, glorious God.  He has created men and women in his image yet we are so different.  Women are the loving, nurturing, beautiful creator.  While men are the protective, authoritative, provider.  My Connor likes to summarize my husband’s and my parenting roles like this:  “Daddies get the kids in trouble, they go to work so they can get money to buy us stuff, and they play with us.  Mommies love their babies, read them stories, and give them baths.”  While he is only 3 and his view is somewhat minimal he is very perceptive for his age.  His dad is the disciplinarian (for the most part), the bread-winner (though I help out), and the “fun one”.  Mommy is not the best wrestler though I do put up a good fight.  But daddy is the one who gets greeted with, “Beat up me!” or “Dad, lets wrestle!” when he walks in the door from work; not mommy.  I get hugs and sometimes tears.  I am their shoulder to cry on, their nurturer and their caretaker (for the most part).   

My Boys! 🙂

This morning my mom came over to pick the boys up before I left for work.  She watches them on Wednesdays and they LOVE their time with Gram.  She and I watched them run around the living room, jump off of the couch into a pile of pillows, and beat each other up.  They were of course wearing masks and playing “super heroes” as they jumped off of the couch and flapped their “wings” and shot “webs” from their wrists.  Connor calls himself Spider-bat because he can’t decide if he would rather be Spiderman or Batman.  He has inherited awesome super powers from both of them.  Being Batman allows him to fly after “bad guys” while being Spiderman gives him the ability to shoot webs from his wrists so he can drag them to jail.  Blake is learning how to be a proper super hero from the master and he does his best to mimic everything Connor does.  It is so fun to see them interact like this. My mom (gram) kept her eye on the boys and said to me, “You are such a good “boy” mom.  You just let them run and jump all over the couch and be boys.”  I don’t know if she realized what a compliment that was.  She always tells me that I am such a good mom and my boys are lucky to have me, but this was a special compliment. 


It takes a certain type of woman to be the mother of boys; not that mothers of girls aren’t special because they are, my mom is one!  But boys are such different creatures.  They are “wild things”; adventurers, conquerors, explorers, heroes and warriors at heart.  Boys don’t like to sit still for long, they turn ordinary objects into weapons of mass destruction, they are escape artists, and demolition specialists.  They are mainly fighters not lovers (though they do have their sweet & cuddly moments).  They enjoy getting into mischief and working with their hands.  As the saying goes, “Boys will be boys!” and my husband and I are doing our very best to make sure that our boys are being given the tools to make their journey through boyhood a great and prosperous one.  We  take great pride in raising our sons in a manner that will instill in them all of the qualities that we believe good men should possess.  They should be honest and true, courageous and bold, strong and determined, wise, hard-working, intelligent, compassionate, and men of God. 

Woody - Buzz

I am so thankful that God has equipped me to be a “boy mom” and that my mom thinks I am a good one!  They are my world and it shows.  My mom has noticed the time, energy, effort and love Nick and I have put into our precious boys.  We have given all of ourselves to them and I have poured out my heart in prayer to God for their lives.   Nick and I have awesome kids and we love them sooo much!   We won the parenting lottery in our eyes and we are so thankful to God for choosing us to be Connor and Blake’s parents. 

Blake Drinking "Dog Water"

I pray that God will continue to guide us in these monumental roles he has placed us in.  That he will mold us into the mom and dad he wants us to be for Connor and Blake.  I pray that he will help us as we train them in the way they should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it.  That as a family we will continue to grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and with man.  Father, continue to intervene in our lives and pour out your blessings over us.  In Jesus name, amen!

The Reasons I Am Proud To Be A "Boy Mom"!!

2 thoughts on “I’m A “Boy Mom” Through & Through…

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  2. Oh my goodness, I can SO relate to your post! I have two boys, and they are just different creatures than little girls. One is more sensitive and dramatic, sure, but even so, they are both all boy, all the time. And I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world – love my rambunctious boys!

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