Unmerited FAVOR

 Last week I messed up.  I went overdrawn in my bank account.  I am so disappointed in myself.  I had been soooo good with finances for so long.  Ever since Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” it was smooth sailin’.  But I guess I got lazy; I slipped back into my old ways.  So rather than avoid the elephant in the room I figured it would be best to “man up” and confront it head on.  I mean, overdraft fees are just ridiculous and I did not want to be in a hole that I couldn’t dig myself out of.  So I decided to call my bank and see if they could help me out.  What could it hurt?  Before calling my bank I prayed for the Lord to surround me with his favor as with a shield and to give me favor with him and with man.  I prayed for the right representative to answer the phone and for their heart to be softened toward me.  I pray this type of prayer often for my family and me.  I know that God cares about every aspect of my life and that he would provide me an “out” in this situation.  Whether he gave me favor with my bank or an opportunity to earn some extra money, I knew that God would provide for me as he always does. 

I called the bank on my way home from work and all the while I believed for God’s favor to rest upon me and for him to make a way for me out of this situation.  I just kept repeating Psalm 5:12 over and over in my head.  The man who took my call was a complete answer to prayer.  He was friendly and understanding.  He took pity on me and comforted me.  I explained to him that the overdraft was due to an oversight on my part but that I would be very appreciative if he could help me out.  Then I started crying.  I just broke down and told him that it was all my fault and that I am horrible with money.  I am so embarrassed that I cried!!  But I was having an emotional day and I couldn’t help myself.  Even though it was 100% my fault that my account went overdrawn he didn’t judge me and he didn’t tell me, “Forget it lady!” when I asked for his help.  Instead, he told me that we are all just humans and humans make mistakes.  Then he told me, “I am here to help you out.  We are all in this world together.  What is the point if we can’t lend each other a hand every now and then?”  When he said that I felt a rush of relief flood over me; it was like God was speaking to me through this total stranger.  I wanted to hug him through the phone.  I prayed for favor and boy did I receive it!  In the end he waved the overdraft fees and deposited the money back into my account that day; such a “God thing”, huh?

God totally blessed me with favor in this situation.  I didn’t deserve it and I sure as heck don’t know what his purpose was for blessing me with such favor, but I will take it!  My God loves me in spite of my mistakes and flaws.  He grants me favor at the most random times and in the worst circumstances.  God pours out his grace and mercy over me for no other reason but the fact that I am his daughter and he loves me.  I am in awe of his love for me and I am so incredibly grateful for his hand of provision on me.  If I got nothing else out of my conversation with the “coolest banker ever” I got an awesome reminder of how much God loves me and that he wants me to spread his love around.  I shouldn’t keep it all bottled up for myself.  Instead, I should show his mercy to others and give them a little bit of his grace and understanding especially when they make mistakes.  After all, what can it hurt?

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