Bucket List

I wanted to put together a running list of things I would like to do before I die so here they are in no particular order!

  • Take my family to Uganda – I want them to experience what I did
  • See the Statue of Liberty in person
  • Re-trace my family lineage & learn more about my ancestors
  • Have my grandparents & parents write down stories from their childhood so that when they are gone the family will not forget where we came from
  • TRAVEL all over!
  • Become a published author (like my mom) ♥
  • Witness an instantaneous miracle (I have plenty of experience with long, drawn out miracles) – not that I am complaining!
  • Sky dive (I bungee jumped into the Nile River in Uganda, Africa so it will be hard to beat that experience but I’ll try!)
  • Take a cruise – Maybe to Alaska…
  • See my kids get married
  • Enjoy my grandchildren
  • See a particular loved one get saved – I have faith that this will happen; God’s word never returns void!!!!



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