For My Sons

Sleep little child and rest without fear; there's a light in the dark & an angel who's near

Jesus is stronger than all the bad guys; he fights them with his sword.  He is bigger than all the scary monsters; he chases them out of sight.  He makes your room so cozy so you can sleep safe at night. 

Jesus is sweeter than any ice cream; vanilla is no match.  He is so much better than any fruit snack; compared to him they aint “all that”.

Jesus is brighter than any flashlight; he will always light the way.  He is more constant than your heartbeat; he will NEVER go away. 

Jesus heals boo boos faster than any band-aid; all you have to do is ask.  He gets rid of all your growing pains; for him it is a simple task. 

Jesus loves you more than a million; times infinity doesn’t even come close.  He has a plan for you; better than anything you could dream.  He listens to your every word; even when it doesn’t seem.

Jesus promised to never leave your side; he is always with you to teach you and to guide.  He has the answer to all of your problems.  He can fix a broken heart. 

Jesus makes you happy; he dries up all your tears.  He walks alongside you; he lives in your heart.  He is a new beginning; a brand new start. 

Jesus is the answer to all of your questions; the key to every door.  He wants you to walk in his footsteps; blessings you will find.

My sons, if you would grant mommy just one small request; something that is so important, it means more than the rest.  Please promise me that you will give Jesus your heart and walk with him forevermore.  Live a life that is pleasing to him and be glad for what is in store.

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