Don’t Judge Me

I am fully aware of all the healthy and productive ways of relieving stress BUT sometimes I just don’t care.  Instead of reading my Bible I turn on mind-numbing, crap TV.  Instead working out I sit on my couch in my sweats and eat candy and drink wine.  Instead of talking to God about my problems I vent to a girlfriend or throw a tantrum.  I am only human, ok?  Cut me some slack.  A little self-pity and a lot of sugar can go a long way sometimes.  It’s like a metaphorical band-aid.  I find that putting a band-aid over the problem can be convenient at times.  I don’t always feel like delving deep into my inner-self and getting at the root of my issues; there is a lot of crap down there.  Then again, the band-aid doesn’t mask the problems for long.  In fact, it usually makes it worse.  Wounds often times heal more quickly when they are left open and allowed to get some fresh air…

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