I wonder if God ever feels like the father of a bunch of 3 year olds.  With the constant redirection, tantrums, selfishness, bad attitudes, and power struggles of humans I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he did feel this way.  He is constantly cleaning up metaphorical messes, settling disputes, and teaching moral lessons to his children.  Luckily he is not human and he doesn’t lose his temper; he doesn’t need to leave the room and count to 10.  We can’t push him to his limits, his breaking point.  He is God; he doesn’t have a breaking point!  He is always in control of his emotions regardless of the difficult phases he may be guiding his children through.  He is a merciful and loving father. 

He teaches us and refines us through our mistakes, through the trials we face in this life.  We will never stump God.  No matter what problem we may be facing, our Heavenly Father will always have the answer.  He is our safety net, our fail safe.  God is a constant in a sea of inconsistency, doubt, fear, and failure.  Even when we don’t measure up we are still enough for God.  God parents us with grace and compassion even when we don’t necessarily deserve it.  God’s parenting techniques aren’t popular, they’re not trendy, but they are timeless.  They won’t fail us or leave us emotionally scarred.  As adults we won’t find ourselves paying an over-priced psychiatrist to sift through our emotional baggage to find out why we act the way we do.

God’s presence and his word are invaluable.  He is the perfect parent for each one of his unique children.  He is the only example of a truly healthy and workable parenting technique.  He is the ultimate parent.  He has the coveted parenting manual and his techniques are suited for all personality types.  There is not a strong – willed child that he can’t handle, a rebel he can’t lead. 

Father, you have entrusted me with 2 precious sons.  Their lives are in my hands.  So I will continually put my life in your capable and loving hands.  I give you all of the control, lead me where you will.  I will follow you with all of my heart, all of my mind, and all of my soul.  As I follow you, mold me.  Shape me into the woman you have created me to be.  Let my children see that you are my example, that you are really Lord of my life.  Not just by the words of my mouth but by the way I live, the actions I take, the beliefs I hold true.  I pray that they will follow in my footsteps as I follow in yours.  We are forever yours, God.

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